About Chad Martz

Chad oversees 7 different departments at HFL and has tavelled to more than 20 countries on assessments, monitoring trips and leading teams.

Chad Martz

Chad has the privilege or overseeing seven different departments at HFL. He has been on 61 HFL trips which include assessments, monitoring, and leading teams.

“I love being able to actively see God’s promise (Isaiah 58:10) being played out with each group we work with and how it has impacted those struggling in physical poverty.”

Similar to a few other staff, Chad came to know about HFL through his former youth pastor and now Executive Director of HFL, Dave Blundell. Chad had little to no professional experience before starting with Hungry For Life, unless you call shooting a puck/basketball or hitting a baseball/volleyball as experience. He had always had a desire to work within the church, but never found a specific area until hearing about the opportunity he could have in assisting churches to become directly involved in sustainable community projects in developing countries. Since that time, Chad has gained a considerable amount of experience by travelling to 18 countries and conducting over 30 assessment/monitoring trips.

Chad is married to Mary, whom he met at bible school in Sweden; together they have one wonderful daughter. Mary has led many teams to her home country in the Ukraine. Chad loves all kinds of sports and enjoys being active, except when when the activity involves shopping.