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Located approximately 300km from the capital, Nairobi, Kakamega is home to over 70,000 people. The Western Providence borders the Republic of Uganda to the west, Nyanza Province to the south and Rift Valley to the north and east. Like much of Kenya, Kakamega struggles with the hardships of severe poverty, a reality facing 73% of the community.

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Nairobi is the capital and largest city of Kenya. The name comes from the Maasai phrase Enkare Nairobi, which translates to "cool water", a reference to the Nairobi River which flows through the city. Nairobi's population (2009) is 3.5 million residents. With the suburbs included, Nairobi's population rises to 6.54 million people.

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Located in a small valley, this rural village is about 25km from the town of Siaya in Western Kenya, The community of about 1,000 families is composed of one tribal group who have lived through the years on the means of subsistence farming.

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Siaya district is ranked as one of the poorest districts in the country rivalled only by a district from the north east which is an arid area.

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Yogo Village is a small community in the Alego Siaya District near the west border of Kenya. The village has a population of approximately 500 to 600, the majority of whom are women and children. About 65% live below the poverty line and the official prevalence of HIV/AIDS is 24%.

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Located about 20 km (or a 25-minute drive) on a rough road from the Siaya town centre in the Nyanza Province on the West side of Kenya, Boro is a community of about 1700 families. It is composed of one tribal group called the the Luo; they are a close-knit group of people that have a well-structured, traditional community leadership.

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