100% Model | Hungry For Life

100% Model

We're committed to transparent giving

100% of funds given to projects are used for projects. Many organizations hide and narrowly define operational and implementation costs in project dollars. Because we raise operational and salary costs separately, a group’s project dollars are used only for their project.

We are funded by focusing separately on our three revenue needs.

Project Funds

Project dollars are raised by churches and groups who have international projects. Funds for these projects are used to bring relief and development to impoverished communities worldwide.

Operational costs

Our executive leadership and board of directors have committed to raising funds needed for the operational costs through separate fundraising efforts. These administration costs include: capital and expansion, communications and development, office expenses, staff care and training, and travel.

Staff Members

All our staff members are committed to raising all their financial support. They ask people to partner with them, providing HFL with the needed funds for their ministry and living expenses.