Mission, Vision & Values | Hungry For Life

Mission, Vision & Values

The core of who we are

What is our purpose and end goal? If we knew that HFL would only exist for 50 years, what we would want to see changed in this world when we were done? What principles do we hold onto that make us who we are? Our mission, vision and values are monumental, clear and critical, and we believe that God has already given us all we need to see them become a reality.


We envision a world transformed by a global movement of compassion and justice evidenced by the eradication of needless suffering.

A world transformed and characterized by: A spiritually vibrant Church speaking with a voice of credibility, realized by its reputation for love and compassion. Churches and groups strategically engaged with communities around the world in sustainable development. Human flourishing that has resulted from generous living.


We seek to inspire spiritual vibrancy and facilitate opportunities to know Jesus through worldwide compassion.

Core Values

Kingdom Priority

The good news proclaimed by Jesus addresses both the spiritual and the physical.


We recognize that we are completely dependent on the power of God to see the fulfillment of our vision.

Spiritual Life

Spiritual transformation results in social transformation and involvement in social transformation results in spiritual transformation.

The Value of People

Donors, beneficiaries, partners, volunteers, our staff and board will be treated with value and care.

International Partnerships

We create long-term international partnerships with those who are motivated by the love of Jesus. Local partnerships enable us to fulfill the mission efficiently and effectively.

Relief & Development

We will undertake activities that respond to both the relief of immediate suffering and that address holistic sustainable development.

Direct Engagement

We come alongside of churches and groups to assist them with their international engagement and impact.

Transparent Giving

It is our commitment that 100% of the funds given towards international compassion be used as such. We are able to do this because our staff are committed to raising their personal support or volunteering.